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On the M.O.T. pre-check we guarantee to individually inspect:

Condition and operation of:  
front & rear lamps : headlamps : stop lamps : rear reflectors :   direction indicators and hazard lamps : headlight aim : horn : steering mechanism and system : steering control : power steering : front and rear suspension : transmission shafts : shock absorbers : abs warning system and control
Condition of brake system :  condition of parking brake system : service brake performance and parking brake performance
Tyre conditions : road wheel condition : Seatbelt mounting : condition and operation 
Drivers view of road and windscreen : Exhaust system and exhaust emmissions
General vehicle condition : mirrors : fuel system : registration plates and vin numbers : driving controls and then report on defects and recommendations . . . . PLUS . . . . we can arrange for your test too! - all part of our service!

On the Summer and Winter pre-checks for piece of mind approaching the summer season
or for the winter period with darker winter afternoons, we get you ready for the road -

On this pre-check we guarantee to individually inspect:

condition and operation of anti-freeze level and strength : battery level : battery condition and operation :
charging system efficency : charging system operation : tyre condition : tyre pressures including spare :
cooling fan operation and fluid level : windscreen condition : screenwash level : windscreen wiper blade condition : windscreen wiper blade operation : handbrake tension : headlight efficiency : indicator lamp efficiency :
running efficiency : tickover efficiency

and report any running problem or defects upon completion - all for only £40.00 including vat.